Car Insurance Do’s and Don’ts for College Drivers


Have you just got a new car while you are still young and at a college? Congratulations as you are the lucky few to achieve this feat. Yes, some people wait all their lives to get a car of their own. Even if you are flaunting your parent’s car, you are still the chosen one to enjoy such privilege.

Now that you have got your own car, you need to know some of the basics of driving so that there are no issues when it comes to the possibilities of mishaps. Why? It’s because even the most experienced drivers are not aware of the differences that can make the driving a cakewalk.

Thus, in the context of the discussion, you need not know some of the dos and don’ts of driving a car if you are a college goer along with availing a car insurance policy.

List of dos and don’ts of college going car drivers

Apart from the basics such as the keeping your focus on the road, first-aid box ready and not using a mobile phone, you need to take care of some other basics too. Let’s have a look:

The dos first

  • Wear seat belts – Wearing seat belts keep you away from the internal bruises that can affect you while meeting an unfortunate accident. Thus, before you set on a drive, ensure that all passengers are wearing seat-belts.
  • Check your speed limit – Speeding thrills but it also kills. So, ensure that your car’s speed is in your control and speed does not control you.
  • Check your car for regular maintenance – We all need regular polishing and rejuvenation and so does the car. Thus, check your car for possible maintenance that it may need.
  • Plan long car trips in advance – You need to plan the long road trips in advance so that you can get your car ready and keep it off from the blues of wear and tear.
  • Keep car documents handy – Make sure to keep some vital documents such as driving license, RC copy, and car insurance with you. You may need them all the times

Now the don’ts

  • Never drink and drive – It is one of the self-made disasters to participate as driving and drinking is a sin that you need no keep off at all costs. Drunk driving not only increases the chances of the mishap by 90%, your car insurance service providers will also reject the car insurance claims. There won’t be any compensation if your car gets damaged and if you ask any claims while you are drunk.
  • Keep off eating and putting make-up – Whatever may lead to the loss of concentration need to be put off while driving. Activities such as eating, putting makeup and more while driving is asking for trouble. If you must do something, park your car aside, finish the work and then only drive.
  • Don’t blast loud music – Yes, enjoying the music in your car may give you a new high but it may also not let you listen to the sirens of other vehicles. As a result, you may be involved in a fatal accident before you can even blink.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know the dos and don’ts of driving if you are a college go, ensure to implement it so that you can enjoy the drive. What’s more, ensure that car has the required car insurance policy to cover any costs involved with ill-fated mishaps. You can always apply for a car insurance policy online and even renew it online these days!