Accounting Auditing Careers – Verifying Financial Accuracy


Accounting auditing careers are just one of many career choices within the accounting field. Auditors perform a variety of tasks that are integral to any business’ finances. They examine and verify the accounting of finances in a business. Accounting auditors are in demand right now and are expected to experience a faster than normal growth for employment according to the Bureau of Labour. If you’re considering a career in accounting then working as an auditor may be a choice for you.

What is an Auditor?

An auditor is an accountant who deals primarily with the examining and verifying financial statements. Auditors look closely at these statements to ensure things “add up. ” If there are errors or inaccuracies the auditor determines why these errors exist. They also develop course of action to prevent these errors from happening again.

Auditors do more than just scrutinize an organization’s financial statements. They also examine any bills the organization may have ensuring accuracy in credits and debits. If any errors exist they correct them.

IRS and Government Auditors

IRS and Government accounting auditors are different from business auditors in that they examine things purely from a tax perspective. When a business or individual’s tax return is suspect, auditors are responsible for conducting a tax audit on the business or individual to examine its accuracy. For instance, if a business is claiming a lot of expenses, the IRS auditor will check to see if the expenses meet the criteria put forth in the tax code. If not, the business could face penalties. Tax auditors have a bad reputation that is really undeserved. They keep people honest and ensure the government is not getting cheated out of its tax dollars. The tax auditor job is one of the best accounting auditing careers around despite the bad talk.

Technology Driven

Twenty years ago, auditors worked primarily on paper, but nowadays, they mainly work with computers. Most financial statements are now computerized and as such, the auditor must be comfortable working with computers and (sometimes) complicated accounting programs. That’s why many accountant auditors are opting for degrees that not only emphasize accounting, but also using the computer.

Education Required

Most accounting auditing careers require a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Some states require certification too it all depends on the state in which you’re seeking employment. Opportunities are best for those who have a Master’s degree and certification.


The average salary for auditors, according to the Bureau of Labor, is around $54, 000 a year. Senior auditors may make upwards of $80, 000 a year, while those just starting out will make roughly $35, 000 a year. Once you get a couple years of experience as an auditor, you can expect your salary to greatly increase.

Despite the bad reputation tax auditors get, accounting auditing careers are really good jobs for people interested in dealing with finances and accounting. If you are interested in becoming an auditor, you should not let the opinions of some hold you back from doing something that is right for you.