4 Reasons to Move to Kirkland


Kirkland is a lovely city in Washington that sits on the shores of Lake Washington. Kirkland was officially founded in 1888 through the concerted efforts of Peter Kirk and Leigh Hunt who bought land in the area in order to grow the town by establishing a steel factory. There is so much to love about Kirkland and these factors will definitely convince you to pack up and move to this quaint city.


Kirkland is located less than thirty minutes away from the bustling city of Seattle. As such, residents may easily make the commute across the bridge back and forth. The location of Kirkland away from the city centre of Seattle means that you can enjoy the rush of the big city and go home to a quiet suburb;hence, you get the best of both worlds.

The waterfront location of this beautiful city gives it an instant aesthetic quality. Lake Washington offers residents of Kirkland lovely beaches to relax on during lazy weekends, the summer, and every other day of the week. The town has maximized on the waterfront location by having several restaurants, coffee shops, and art galleries that offer a picturesque shopping and dining experience every single time.

The lake provides a wide range of activities to engage in including swimming, kayaking, and paddle boarding.


Kirkland is well known for its amenities that keep the residents active and engaged. The amenities include parks, bicycle trails, gyms, bookstores, grocery shops,and much more. Residents of Kirkland have the option of driving their personal cars or using the efficient public transport system.


Residents of Kirkland lead a high quality life, which may be attributed to the high level of employment in the town. For starters, residents work in the big city of Seattle that is home to several industries hence offering various job opportunities. Kirkland houses companies such as Google, Microsoft, and IBM, which have offices in the town. Tableau Software and Wave Broadband are some of the companies that have their original footing in Kirkland. As such, the town offers several work opportunities in and outside its perimeter.


Kirkland is home to various types of people ranging from old to young, single, married and families with children. As such, people are always looking for different types of homes in the area. The town has something for everyone with housing such as horse property, single-family homes, townhouses, and condos.

Depending on one’s financial ability and location preference, you may opt to live downtown near the waterfront area and enjoy the view of the lake and the Seattle skyline on the opposite side. Living away from the waterfront may have the perks of cheaper housing and it also offers stunning views of the city itself. Kirkland is one of the safest cities in the state of Washington hence raising a family or starting a business comes with the bonus of total peace of mind.

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