Top providers to send money to the UK


To begin with facts, the United Kingdom (UK) makes use of the British Pound that is also known as GBP (Great British Pound) in the world of foreign exchange. If you wish to send money from India to the UK or to the Great Britain, then GBP is the most common currency that you will be using. GBP is also considered to be the oldest amongst all other currencies for sending money to the UK. There are several other countries that make use of the Great British Pound (GBP). Officially known as Pound, it is accepted in the UK (United Kingdom), Jersey, the Isle of Man, the South Sandwich Islands, South Georgia Guernsey, Tristan da Cunha, and the British Antarctic Territory.

There could be several reasons for sending money to the UK from India like:

  • You have some close friends or family members who want money from India.
  • You have an account in the UK and you wish to send some money to be deposited in your account there.
  • You are planning some wedding or get-together in the UK.
  • You have plans to immigrate to the UK. Since that would require a considerable amount of advance preparations, you might wish to transfer some money from India to the UK.
  • Wish to make some business deal or buy some property in the UK.
  • You might wish to send money to the UK for paying some salary or pensions to the employees working for you in the United Kingdom.

With a myriad of many such reasons for money remittance to the UK from India, you must look for reliable and effective ways of doing it. Major concerns like the speed of transfer, security of your money, hidden costs, and the effectiveness of the particular money transfer company –all of these play a determining role while transferring money internationally. Foreign currency –be it British Pound or French Franc, both of these would need secured transfers and currency exchange.

If you are looking for secure and reliable ways of sending money from India to the United Kingdom, then you can choose from the following options:

  • Foreign Currency Demand Draft (FCDD): This is one of the most reliable and secure methods of transferring money from India to the UK or even any other part of the globe. Some of its unique features include:
  1. Customers can make the deposit with the particular FCDD over overseas banks. Then,you can have it cleared.
  2. This mode of money transfer is available in all the leading currencies
  3. 3 months validity period from the issue date
  4. Mainly preferred for transferring money for the purpose of education, Visa fees, immigration, employment and so more
  • Instarem: This is another name in the most secure, faster and effective means of transferring money from India to the UK. Its salient features include:
  1. High cost effective with great FX rates and minimal transfer fees
  2. Helping the customers save big on their money with the help of attractive bonuses
  3. Lightning-fast speed as the transfers get completed within 1-2 business days and the process refunds within 72 hours
  4. No hidden fees to snatch out money from the customers
  5. Secure mode of transfer with authorised transfer channels. No potential threat of hackers or breaching of confidential information

UK is the land of world-class education, high profile business and employment opportunities, attractive sightseeing, and so more. Therefore, while sending money to the United Kingdom from India, you should be cautious enough to not overpay for your transfers. Instarem assures the same in the most secure and reliable manner.