Amazing Techniques for a Selling Machine in E-commerce and Drop Shipping


If you wish to make a nice living from the comfort of your home, on a self-employed basis, you should consider Amazon drop shipping. Lots of people spend their lives making someone else rich, but do not make enough money for themselves. With drop shipping in Ecommerce, you can alter your life in a positive journal review.

Web traffic is among the most important factors of e-commerce success. Sending traffic to your product listings or website is essential. Without any traffic, there are no prospective customers and you will not sell enough items to have a viable drop shipping business.

One thing that you can be sure of, if you use Amazing selling machine as your internet dropship marketplace, is that you will get lots of traffic. Actually, millions of global visitors use this website each day. This gives you a huge opportunity to promote your dropship products.

Here are techniques from Amazing selling machine for sell products & drop shipping:


Inventory Uploading

After you have signed up, use the Seller Central tools to get started quickly. Customers will pursue and buy your products on the Amazon website. Your products will have features such as 1 Click, and Amazon is a highly trusted brand. Thus, customers can make fast, simple, stress free purchases.

Shipping Products to Customers

You will be notified by email once someone has made an order. You just pack (then ship) your product to the customer. Alternatively, you can subscribe to Amazon Fulfillment and leave Amazon to do this for you.

Receiving Payment from Amazon

Amazon wires payments to your bank at frequent intervals, and they will send you an email informing you about each payment. Obviously, dropship sellers will not need to pack and ship the items they sell on Amazon. This is because their wholesale product suppliers will do that for them.

Amazon Seller fee Structures

With regards to selling charges for per item sales, there is no charge per item with the professional selling plan. However, for the individual selling plan, the fee is $0.99 for every product sold.

Whenever you sell a product, Amazon collects the money sent by the customer with any extra fees for gift wrap, shipping, etc included.

If you fulfill an order yourself, the shipping charges on Amazon relate to media products sold by professional sellers (music, books, DVD, video, video games and software), and to every product sold by an individual seller. Amazon levies these shipping charges depending on the category of the product and the shipping service chosen by the customer. Then, they pass the fee to you.

For items that journal review fulfills, as well as the Amazon selling charges, you will be billed for storage, order fulfillment and optional services. Refer to the “Shipping Credits by Category” section on the Amazon website. This gives full details of all their shipping charges.

Media Product Fees

Sellers pay referral fees on every media product sold. For media items (books, DVD, video, video games and software), Amazon deduces a percentage of the product price as a referral charge. This excludes any taxes acquired via the Amazon tax collection service.

Different Closing Charges

For every media product that a customer purchases, sellers are billed a variable closing charge. The variable closing charges and referral charge percentages for media items are shown in the appropriate section on the Amazon website. If you intend to dropship over 40 products monthly on Amazon, the best plan is the one costing $39.99, which should serve you very well and be enough for all your requirements. While Amazon stores and sells many products, lots of the listed items are really sold by 3rd party merchants, through the Amazon website. Similar to eBay, Amazon helps to streamline the sales process and resolve any issues that arise.

The Advantages of Selling Products on Amazon

Amazon makes it very simple to get up and running. You have instant access to a huge audience of targeted buyers, and you do not have to concern yourself with SEO or marketing. Also, Amazon provides its’ own fulfillment facility (Amazon Fulfillment) that enables you to supplement your drop shipped products with your own items, without needing to do any shipping, warehousing or ITP Packaging.

The Disadvantages of Selling Products on Amazon

You have to pay for the privilege of accessing this massive buyer network, through some quite expensive listing fees. These fees vary, based on the type of product. However, normally, they are 10-15%.

Amazon will be able to see all the data from your sales. In the past, Amazon has been criticized for using this information to find good sales avenues, and then strengthening its’ own presence in that niche. This has the effect of sidelining other merchants, who are trying to sell to the same market.

You will not be able to form any long-term connections with your customers. Amazon wants to further its’ own interests, so they always make a habit of focusing on the products, as opposed to the sellers. Expect there to be very limited scope for branding your business, communicating with your customers and displaying your products.