Top Tips for Marketing Your Business at Christmas


Christmas is rapidly approaching and it’s likely that your marketing plans are already coming into fruition. There are so many options when it comes to marketing in general, but even more so around this time of year. Of course, you’ll need to reassess your email marketing campaign for the next few weeks and perhaps add some Christmas additions to your content calendar, like a new gift guide to inspire your target audience to check out various products.

If you’re an eCommerce brand that sends products out to customers in packing, you can customise this packaging at Christmas to make the unboxing process all the more magical. Another great option for eCommerce businesses is to add branded items to the packaging as a way of thanking your customers for their continued support. After all, Christmas is a time for giving!

Have some quirky Christmas graphics created for your social media campaigns and be sure to use all of the Christmas-related hashtags within your posts so that you target the right people. When it comes to social media, its crucial to jump onto current trends and keep up with competitors, so be sure to keep an eye on them to see what sort of things they’re posting.

Emotions usually run wild at Christmas time, so you could consider teaming up with a charity and try and play on some heart strings. For instance, you could donate a percentage of all your profits to those in need during December. Doing so will not only raise awareness of your own company, but also of the charity’s. 

Consider launching a Christmas themed Google Ads campaign to encourage festive shoppers to visit your site. At this time of year, people are always seeking ways to reduce their outgoings so they can save up for other Christmas related activities and presents, so you could just advertise special discounts on your services. Speak to a digital marketing agency if you would like some support figuring out which keywords are most appropriate and where to spend your budget. 

Of course, there are countless other options when it comes to marketing and what’s right for your business will depend on the industry you belong to and what has worked for you in the past. If you have any data from previous years to compare to, don’t hesitate to use it, as it will help you determine which areas of marketing to invest in this time round.