April Showers Won’t Ruin This Flooring


Spring may be in the air but April also brings that one dampener on things – the dreaded April shower.

This results in drenched clothes, muddy gardens and those awful instances where our socks are completely waterlogged. This means you are treading in water and ruining your carpet or floorboards with watery footprints.

How about you change your current flooring for Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring?

Moisture Resistant

Luvanto is a vinyl flooring product highly recommended by interior designers due to its protection levels against spills and water.

No matter if you choose to glue down tiles or click together planks, the water coming off your clothes or shoes will not reach the subfloor. This waterproof technology manufactured within means that the vinyl will stay in place and stay healthy for many years ahead.

Moisture resistance is what makes it an ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens, as rising temperatures of the bathroom won’t cause any loose fitting and kitchen spills won’t be time consuming in cleaning up.

Quality Guarantee

Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is a long term investment, offering up to 25 years warranty which is testament to how durable the product really is.

Extreme damage is always a risk to flooring, which is why the planks and tiles are cheap and simple to replace without disturbing larger sections of your floor. Maintenance on a weekly basis consists of a quick mop or sweep with any furniture equipped with rubber soles to avoid deep scratches against the anti scratch wear layer.

Those showers cannot beat a floor that offers that kind of confidence.

Always a Great Look

As Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring is among the leading industry brands for flooring, you can be sure to find the very best in replicated designs and inspirations.

Nothing is warmer than coming in from out of a rainy day to a beautifully presented vinyl floor, ensuring you won’t be in danger of slipping due to anti slip technology at play no matter how much water pours off of you.

You may also be interested in Luvanto Design that always has an eye for style, with light and dark woods, stone, slate, marble and ceramic looks of varying colours, tones and palettes to suit your ideal desired look.

When you combine all of the factors into why luxury vinyl tiles and planks is perfect for that April change of mood, you can really make your home look outstanding whilst not having a dampener put on your spirits.