Did You Know These Factors Can Affect Your Car Insurance Quotes?


When it comes time for you to renew or purchase new car insurance, some key factors will affect the price of your premium going forward. By being aware of these factors, you can essentially aid yourself in finding the best car insurance quotes in NY.

Here are some of the factors car insurance providers will consider before offering you a quote.

Your Age

Age plays a big role in the rating, especially for young drivers. Teen drivers are viewed as extremely risky and potentially costly customers by insurance companies. Age turns into a less significant factor after the age of 20 to 25. When a driver is in their mid-50s, their auto insurance premiums are at their lowest point, but they start to rise for drivers over 70.

Your Driving History

This is a straightforward rating factor. Vehicle insurance agencies consider a driver’s past to be a precise indicator of their future claims. The cost of your current and future insurance premiums will go up if you have a history of tickets or other violations.

Your Credit Score

Credit is a significant rating factor that is frequently overlooked. Drivers with bad credit make more claims than drivers with good credit. Furthermore, when they do file claims, they typically cost more than claims filed by drivers with good credit. So keep your credit in mind when filing a claim.

How Long You’ve Been Driving

This is a straightforward rating factor. You are less likely to make mistakes that result in claims and violations if you have more driving experience. This indicates that you pose less of a risk to an insurance company as a client.

Your Location

Your location has two levels of importance as a rating factor: state and area code. Each state’s regulations apply to car insurance, which dictates if your date is a no-fault state and if you need PIP coverage added. Insurance companies also use ZIP codes to help them adjust for the external rating factors that are associated with each region. Where there are more drivers, insurance costs are higher. Rates are also higher in ZIP codes that are prone to floods, wildfires, crimes like vandalism or theft, or other risks.

Your Insurance History

Unless you are a new driver, insurance agencies consider gaps in your insurance as a red flag. If you were licensed but did not have insurance, an insurance company might have thought you were driving without insurance.

Your Marital Status

Your marital status has a small effect on the cost of auto insurance. According to historical data, married drivers share driving responsibilities and submit fewer individual claims. The prices of car insurance for married, divorced, single, and widowed drivers are all fairly comparable.

Your Claim History

A long claim history raises red flags for every insurance company. Any insurance claims you make and any claim made against you is recorded in your claims history. Your premium will likely go up if your insurance company settles a claim. When giving you a premium quote, the insurance company will look into this history.

Your Coverage Level

The more inclusions you need, the more costly your insurance will be. There can be a difference in cost of over a grand per year between the lowest and highest levels of auto insurance coverage.

Your Vehicle Type

Insurance rates are likely to be higher for a brand-new sports car than they will be for an older model of car. This will be taken into consideration by the insurance company, and they will charge you more depending on how much a vehicle costs to replace.

Your Discount Options

Discounts on auto insurance are based on factors like your individual rating and location, as well as the insurance company you choose. You might be eligible for a discount if you own a home, pay your insurance premium in full, or have a clean driving record. Some common discounts are:

  •     Anti-theft device discounts.
  •     Discount for bundling your policies.
  •     Good driver discounts.
  •     Green vehicle discounts.
  •     Low mileage discounts.
  •     Military discounts.
  •     Multi-vehicle discounts.

The Insurance Company

The most important factor of all is the insurance company itself. Even though other factors make up your driving profile, the rates always vary highly between the companies themselves. Oftentimes people are simply paying too much because the insurance provider is too expensive. The best way to circumvent this issue is to compare and check NY insurance companies quoted through independent agents like those at the NY Insurance Hub.

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