Top Reasons Why Your Car Might Be Leaking Oil


If you find your car leaking oil, then you must not at all ignore it. Leaking cars not only leaves stains but also might pose a threat to your car’s engine.  It would be better to get your engine fixed beforehand to avoid any mishap.

On a normal day, while you are leaving for your work, or planning to somewhere, you might notice a pool of oil underneath your car. Even if it is not a pool and just a few drops, then also this might be a thing of major worry.  Also, your driveway would look terrible with messy leaks.  And that is why as a responsible owner, you need to get the leak fixed and this is a must too to avoid leaks.  Look for a good car mechanic and start working on your leaks as soon as possible to avoid any accident. 

But there might be many possible reasons why your car leaks oil.  Let us find and discuss them out:

Common and valid reasons why your car leaks oil

This article covers only common leaks and reasons. Normally the leaks are caused as a result of a bad seal or gasket. They might also because of some damaged parts in your car. Let us check out the following reasons:

The Oil Filter

The oil filters in your basket generally wear out or their alignment is not proper o loose. There is some vehicles model that has extra parts in their filter systems which sometimes can leak. This filter should be regularly changed whenever you check the oil in your tank.

The oil drain plug

The oil drain plug is accessible from the underside of your car. The oil leak issue can be caused by Worn out thread, misaligned threads, or a loose oil drain plug. This leakage is very easy to spot as there remains fresh oil around the plug which can be seen when the oil drips down.

The Valve Gasket

This is one of the most common causes of oil leaks happening. And this happens in the older vehicles and for vehicles that are most frequently used. Generally, the gasket is the seal that works in joining the head of the two metal parts of the engine. But with time, and with the sludge build-up, there is an increase in the pressure that can cause leaks in the gasket seals. At times, due to damage in the pan also can cause minor leaks in the server. This often happens when you run over the road debris or run over the large rocks while traveling off the roads and even if you hit an animal on the road while traveling.  

The Oil Filler Cap

The oil also does not drip down without any reason. If in the filler gap, where the oil is put in the machine is found missing or broken, then there is a chance that the oil can spill due to the pressure of the engine while the vehicle is in motion.

The Front and Rear Crankshaft Seals

Crankshaft is the component that is found in the interior of the engine that remains bulged from both sides of the engine.  Just because it sticks out a lot, this can work as a mounting point for the harmonic balancer and also for the flywheel. Sometimes, these seals which tend to prevent the oil from leaking from the engine get leaked and that is why there is a change in the oil gets dripped from the engine and leaks.

Is there any way the oil leaks can be stopped?

To stop oil leaks, regular maintenance and routine oil changes must be done. This will also help you to avoid any further damage caused to your vehicle and the important parts. Make a checklist of your vehicle parts and keep track of the maintenance. We have discussed above the various common leaks that can cause oil damage. If you notice any damage in any of the above areas then you can yourself repair the damage or consult a mechanic. These spare parts are also found in the local automobile stores. 

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For your vehicle’s durability, you must regularly check the parts and keep track of its maintenance and servicing.