Why Business Should Use a Multi-functional Printer


Multifunctional printers (MFPs) essentially combine a printer, photocopier and scanner into one useful machine. Some of these devices can even be used for faxing and emailing, if that’s one of your business’ requirements. There are many benefits associated to MFPs; the help to reduce outgoings, take up far less space than having separate devices for each, and they’re generally just more practical. As a result, they are often considered a vital piece of equipment for any company. Mode Print Solutions, provider of London office printers, share some more of the benefits of MFPs below.

Benefits of Multifunctional Printers

One of the key advantages associated with a multifunctional printer is the fact that they are super convenient. Documents can be scanned, printed, or copied all in one place, saving your employees time that could be wasted queuing up at several machines to get each of their tasks done. What’s more MFPs are usually a lot faster than other printers and mean that you don’t have to have as much available space in your office.

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Purchasing one machine, rather than multiple, is also usually a more cost-effective option. Having several machines gobbling up your electricity is bad for the environment and will increase your energy bills. You should also look out for machines that offer double sided printing, as this will also help you save money on paper supplies.

Many multifunctional printers include the functionality that allows users to connect it to smartphones and laptops, for wireless printing. So, if some of your staff work remotely, they will still be able to send printed documents to the office. Copies of scanned items can be sent straight to a other devices, too. 

Reducing Print Costs

When it comes to printing, all employees should be aware of some of the ways to use the device more efficiently so that they’re not wasting company money. For instance, reducing font size is a great way to save paper and ink. Printing in black and white is also better than colour, as coloured ink can sometimes cost up to ten times the price. Large print jobs should be completed at night, when electricity is cheaper, and a practise copy should be printed first to avoid any blunders with typos or other issues.

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Those investing in a new printer should consider “follow me” software. The idea behind this is that it stops abandoned print jobs, which can be quite dangerous for a company that handles sensitive data, never mind wasteful. Essentially, it asks a user to confirm their print job before it is released, by inputting a code or scanning an ID card. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact a professional.